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Aluminium Wallet For Cards Banknotes And Coins
Aluminium Wallet For Cards Banknotes And Coins
  • Model: MTGAWBC01

Price:   €39.90


Royal version

The Alu Wallet you already know, but this is the Royal version! Here you can not only all your cards and credit cards in your lost but also a coin and paper money. All told, but all neatly separated into different compartments. So you have everything together in this lightweight wallet. He opens with one press of a button. The handy accordion design unfolds and everything is neatly organized. The compact size this wallet fits in your purse, pocket or jacket pocket. This Royal wallet have you for just the shipping!


Safely stored

You can really lose all your cards in the Aluminum Wallet, bank cards, credit cards, discount cards, driving license, identity card etc. You can also cash or a spare key in it. The dimensions of the Aluminum Wallet are, 11,5 x7, 8x3 cm.

All your cards are safe in the Aluminum Wallet Royal, he is water and shock resistant. Perhaps the most important advantage is that it protects cards from RFID scanners criminals. It is unfortunately becoming more common that your card details are read by an RFID scanner when you keep it in your purse or pocket. The copied data is then used by scammers to steal money. The aluminum housing of the Royal Aluminum Wallet however impervious to these scanners, so scammers have no chance. In short: Only advantages!



  • Black
  • Silver
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  • Blue


Protection, compact and all together