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Hemming MY WAY
Hemming MY WAY
  • Model: MTGHMWY01

Price:   €29.90



Hemming My Way is the world's first snap device that allows you to adjust the length of your pants or jeans. They are removable

Ladies, you know how it is: you buy a fabulous pair of flats only to find that your 

favorite jeans are way too long.But very few of us can afford to buy multiple pairs of jeans 

and have them tailored to go with each style of shoe in our closet. Thankfully, 

you don't have to with these genius little snaps. Hemming MyWay includes reusable 

hem adjusters that work on jeans, trousers, shirts, or skirts for a quick temporary fix.

Hemming myway  is the only product that truly hempowers you to finally say:
NO to expensive habits of buying TWO pairs of jeans with different hem lengths
NO to pricey trips to the tailor,
NO to long hems dragging on the ground, and
YES to running around town in stylish flats, before slipping back into stilettos for dinner.

Change your shoes… NOT your pants.

Hemming MyWay takes you from heels to flats seamlessly, with it’s discreet design and simple directions that answer all your hemergencies. Fabric friendly and a cinch to apply. HemmingMyWay is equal opportunity and doesn’t discriminate between cotton, wool or denim. Just like us, it loves them all. Removable and reusable for at least 8 washes, giving you months of wear (especially for those who don’t wash their denim after every wear).