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Dancing water speakers
Dancing water speakers
  • Model: MTGDAWA01

Price:   €49.90


2 colors: whtie and black;


  • Descriptions:
  • Mini USB speaker with fountains inside, dancing up and downwith the rhythm of the music, accompanied with LED lighting effectsand perfect acoustic effect
  • Amplifier IC output power of 3W speakers x 2, high-qualityanti-breaking sound function
  • 5-volt USB external power supply, the maximum current is lessthan 1.2A
  • 3.5 audio plug. 2.1 channel with anti-break sound function
  • 3W speakers 2, left and right stereo
  • Lighting effects: primary and secondary speakers each highlightred, blue, and green and yellow four-color lights
  • Hitting the water unit, 5V motor for moving source
  • How to use:
  • USB power cable, a USB connected to the computer USB port onthe other end of the mini USB connected to the main speaker
  • The main speakers built a mini USB cable and leads to theconnector in the vice speaker
  • Connected to the main speaker 3.5 audio output source, open themusic, you can enjoy a wonderful and beautiful melody


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